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Slough & Windsor Railway Society holds an annual competition, just before Christmas, so that Society members can show off their photographic prowess. Members can enter railway-related photos to be shown on competition night, and small prizes are awarded.

For the 2017 competition, there were four categories:

  • Traction/Rolling Stock – Steel wheel on steel rail
  • Non-Traction – The general rail scene, infrastructure, etc
  • People – Around railways
  • Funnies – for the David Pearcy Trophy

The 2017 rules and instructions are shown below.

The rules and categories for the 2018 Competition are expected to be similar, but are under review.
This web page will be updated when new information is available.

Two photos (print or JPEG) may be submitted for each category (up to 8 in total). The photos may be digital, print, or a combination, must be less than five years' old, and not entered previously (John Fowler has records of past competitions!). Photographs published in the Triangle magazine, or shown on a Friday night, may still be entered.

How to enter:

The full Competition Rules may be found below.

Please provide a title, a brief description (eg when and where), and note the category for each photograph entered.

Digital images (JPEG format) to be submitted by email to: competition@swrs.co.uk (at least 48 hours before) or on media (1 week in advance). Images may be 'photo-shopped'.

Print photos will not be a separate class; please submit them to John Fowler or Jim Ballantyne (at The Manor on a Friday night) by 8th December at the latest. Prints will be electronically scanned so they can be projected with the digital photos.

Photo Competition Rules (2017)

  1. All pictures must have been taken in the past 5 years.
  2. Pictures can be of UK or overseas subjects.
  3. All pictures must have a railway connection.
  4. Pictures must have been taken by the entrant, and not entered previously.
  5. Pictures can be either digital or print. Digital manipulation is permitted.
  6. There will be 4 categories:
    • Traction/Rolling Stock
    • Non-Traction (e.g. infrastructure)
    • People
    • Funnies (for the David Pearcy Trophy)
  7. Each entrant may submit up to 2 entries in each category.
  8. Two prizes will be awarded in each category (apart from Funnies).
  9. One prize in each category will be awarded by the visiting judge, with the second being awarded by the members present on a show of hands. (NOTE: for 2017, this process is under review.)
  10. Digital pictures (JPEG format) may be submitted in advance as an email attachment. Prints, and digital images on media (eg CDROM, USB stick), to be handed in at The Manor on a Friday evening, at least seven days prior to the competition. Title and category to be included for all entries.